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Buon Anno #happynewyear!

Hello friends! For this new year, I'm focusing on being more kind, especially to my kids, just be kind. It's too much to pressure myself with the idea of "new year, new me", no thanks. Spread kindness and be decent human while taking better care of yourself the best way you can, done.

I am grateful for this path and appreciate everyone along the way who has shared such positivity and support. I can't express how thankful I truly am.

Exciting news! We welcome Molly, a graduate student from Montclair State who is studying nutrition, for the next five months. Molly will be a great asset in every way, but really pumped about her input on all things vegan nutrition! Reach out if you are interested in adding more plants to your meals, it can feel overwhelming at first. Happy to share staple ingredients and products that will make the process enjoyable and doable.

New meal plans, catering options and lots of events coming up! Check out social media posts and the newsletter sent out each week for updates.

A new meal plan will be offered 2x each month. Each offering will consist of a specific package that can be ordered as a WHOLE and modified to increase items within the meal provided for that date. For example, January's meal plan offering will look like this:

-2 containers of veggie burgers {6 in each}

-2 jars of lentil soup

-1 container of tempeh bacon

-1 small jar of sauce for burgers

You will be able to order online {} throughout the month for the dates available or feel free to send us a note to discuss.

Some clients prefer to order a customized larger meal plan for the month, freeze what you like and savor it when the time is right. An example of a custom meal plan created for a client:

The order consisted of compostable/freezable containers which held a serving size in each. {4 packs with 6 veggies burgers in each, 3 packs of 10 vegan meatballs in each, 2 jars of sauce, 8 containers of vegan lasagna and 2 quarts of split pea soup}.

Lastly, we will be catering to several businesses for corporate lunches and dinners, real estate open houses and providing private in-home catering and demos. Give us a shout with any questions! Be on the look-out for my next BLOG sharing my team-up with ...good stuff!

buon appetito!

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