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Social Summer Camp

June 26th-30th   

Register for our wellness summer camp held in Montclair, NJ! 


What are we about?   

Along with Jill, from Spa and Wellness with Friends and Marybeth, from Social NJ, we have created a wellness camp for kids ages 7-12.


From the hours of 9 - 2, our campers will enjoy yoga, meditation, gardening, breath work, learning about sustainability, nutritional wellness, cooking classes (where they will be preparing vegan meals) and so much more. All of this through teamwork, community and the core 10 dimensions of wellness. Kids will get outside, move all day and share their cooking creations during lunch. End of week will be a display of many activities such as a COOK OFF and TALENT SHOW and self-care during SPA DAY. Learning about all things wellness at such a young age creates a foundation for an adults with the tools for life. Join us and share in this amazing week!
                                             {snack + lunch included}

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