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About veganmeatballin

Born into an amazing Italian family, I have always been surrounded by the most delicious food and wonderful traditions.


I shared the love of cooking with my grandmothers from a young age, spending hours in an apron rolling out
dough and learning our family secrets.


Since marrying my Irish-meat and potato loving husband, who has gone plant-based, our selections may have changed, but the flavors have not.  We work really hard making sure our family eats well with healthy, clean ingredients, that won't compromise the tastes we love.  


Eating plant-based changed my husband's life.  He suffered for years with herniated disks, sciatica, arthritis, and nerve damage that all left him with debilitating pain.  When I was 9 months pregnant with my 3rd child (yep), he decided to try something new.  Surgery wasn't an option he wanted to explore, so off we went on a plant-based journey.  Pain-free and in better health, he has never been happier.  Although it was overwhelming for me at first, I loved creating new recipes that make our family feel good.  


I feel blessed to share my love of cooking non-traditional meals for those interested in plant-based meals.  Your body and the environment will benefit greatly!


Thanks for your support! Mangia!


From the Customers


Christmas Dinner for 20

“I ordered a meal from Maria for a family reunion of 20 people at my house last Christmas. Everyone was raving about the taste of the food, and how fresh everything was, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Her menu had so many choices, I can't wait to try them all in the near future."


Jen, NJ

“Veganmeatballin is nothing short of delicious! All the details with healthy ingredients and presentation will certainly make an impression with your next event/party. Best we ever had!


Kate, NJ

“The minute you meet Maria she makes you feel like a longtime friend. Add incredibly fresh, healthy ingredients and unique combinations and you have veganmeatballin! I can't recommend her enough! My husband and I ordered a few dishes for our daughter's first birthday. By the time the party was over, both Maria's dishes were devoured, while we had pizza for days. I even got calls from family members weeks later asking for ingredients and recipes to the dishes. I look forward to ordering more delicious combinations from veganmeatballin.

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