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We are very excited to be a part of the Montclair Farmers' Market {86 Walnut St. Sat., 8-1} this winter, sharing yummy food and samples on select Saturdays. Check out our social media pages and newsletters to see what menus are offered. Vegan Meatballs and Veggie Burgers are part of the menu on the 14th of March, so reserve an order now because we sold out pretty quickly last Saturday!! WHOOO!

Morgan's Farm in Cedar Grove {903 Pompton Ave.} is also planning some fun cooking events for us coming into Spring, as well as showcasing some of our soups and more.

Be sure to stay tuned for all the good stuff.

We just contributed to an article discussing parchment paper, wax paper and aluminum foil @bagsnob much fun! Soon to be sharing recipes and helpful tips on a number of different chatting and participating, so this is super cool! Grateful to my rock star friends, Kim McIntyre Gormley (amazing producer) and PR master, Emily Marnell Stewart, for gifting me with these opportunities.

Many thanks to all who are supporting our journey and coming along for the ride.



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